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Review of "MultiReal" by David Louis Edelman

MultiReal image
by David Louis Edelman

$15.00 Suggested Retail Price

This is the second book in the "Jump 225" trilogy by Dvid Louis Edelman. Following his victory over the Defense and Wellness Council for control of MultiReal technology, our hero Natch faces off against the Council's agent Magan Kai Lee who is determined to infiltrate Natch's company and destroy it in order to regain control of MultiReal.

It's a sci-fi thriller pitting courageous rebels against a tyrannical government in a futuristic world filled with enough technological underpinnings to satisfy the old-line science fiction fans who are still waiting for their jet packs, but using characters with fully-formed personalities that break the mold of the traditional guerilla mentalities we see so often. Yummy!

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our July, 2008 issue.

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