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Welcome to Rainbo Electronic Reviews! Every month we present a new online issue of book reviews, audiobook reviews (books on tape or CD), DVD/Blu-Ray Reviews, Cookbook reviews, Children's Book Reviews, and Software Reviews. We also review movies and special entertainment events.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews publishes free online fiction and mystery book reviews, cookbook reviews, children's book reviews, audiobook reviews, computer book reviews, software reviews, DVD and video reviews, and reviews of other entertainment features - with new book and video reviews every month. Rainbo Electronic Reviews is proud to claim the title of the oldest online book reviews column, having been in continuous online publication since 1981 when we started publishing on CompuServe. In late 1986 we moved to GEnie, then the online service of General Electric. In 1998, we reached out to the Internet with our own website - Rainbo Reviews!

Our reviews are intended to provide you with a guide to better book selection. Our reviews are short and to the point, so you won't have to wade through an ocean of someone's sterling prose before you find out if we liked a book, cookbook, DVD, or audiobook. We know we're not the New York Times and we don't pretend to be. We specialize in reviews of books and DVDs you won't often find covered in magazines, your local newspaper, or other websites. We especially look for great books from small publishers with an emphasis on our passions for mysteries, inspiring cookbooks, and enlightening and entertaining children's books. And because we enjoy using our computers, we also review computer books and software for small business and home users.

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Richard L. Trethewey, Editor

Fiction/Mystery Book Reviews - Reviews of popular fiction with a special emphasis on mysteries and books from small publishers.

Non-Fiction & Biography Book Reviews - Mind-nourishing titles covered with a light touch.

Cookbook Reviews - We help you find a cookbook aimed at those of us who enjoy great meals that are easy to prepare.

Children's Books Reviews - Beyond Harry Potter is a world of great literature for the youngsters.

Audiobook Reviews - We love audiobooks! Great for the car, while you're working around the house, or even (shudder!) while jogging!

DVD & Video Reviews - Our reviews of Movies and Feartures on tape and DVD let you find those gems the newspapers never cover.

Computer Book Reviews - Our reviews of computer books for the home user and home office workers.

Software Reviews - We review various programs to help the home user, for business, pleasure, or education.

Entertainment Events - We cover a special person, place, or event in the world of entertainment, literature, and the arts.

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