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Review of "Starship: Rebel - Book 4" by Mike Resnick

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Starship: Rebel - Book 4
by Mike Resnick

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Our hero, the intrepid Captain Wilson Cole, outlaw and rebel that he is, is still leading his fleet of nearly fifty ships as he flees from The Republic who prey on the planets in the Frontier and generally plunder men and materials to continue their struggle against the Teroni Federation. But one day, The Republic pushes Cole too far and he declares his own personal war against them. While his rag-tag fleet is no match for the overwhelming forces of The Republic, Cole finds allies among the outer worlds who are just as mad as he is about the way The Republic treats them.

This is the forth in the series of space-swashbucklers and it continues its tradition of spectacular space battles, intrigue, and even a bit of romance. If you like classic sci-fi shoot-em-ups, this is the book for you!

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our January, 2009 issue.

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