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Review of "Quicken Lawyer 2003 Business Deluxe" by Nolo Press

Quicken Lawyer 2003 Business Deluxe image
Quicken Lawyer 2003 Business Deluxe
by Nolo Press


$69.99 Suggested Retail Price

Intuit (the Quicken people) has selected Nolo Press to distribute this updated legal software for ordinary folks like us. You do not have to be a computer genius to run the program which will take you through various and essential information that your family should be aware of. You can write your will and customize it to comply with the laws of your state. You can also make a new will whenever you change your mind.

A Living Trust is another programs that are available and it is easy to set up this sensible legal form. Also a Power of Attorney is in the program.

So many things that we forget should be done before we need it among which is a Living Will which will direct information and appoint someone you trust to pull or not to pull that plug. If you are incapacitated you will need someone who can make the health decisions for you. It's easy to produce this document. Then there is information that you should have for executor of your will. All this is included with the many legal forms that you might need for daily use.

In this deluxe edition you can find legal information on screen and in print. Among the special information that you will want to know about is to find out about the new estate tax law and how they affect you.

There is so much for so little. You will get the book that accompanies this software. The user's manual is by Ely Newman and a Legal Manual written by several attorneys. One Compact Disk will take you all through these programs. It also needs to be repeated that everything is written clearly and the program works very well.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our August, 2003 issue.

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