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Review of "Mercenary (Starship, Book 3)" by Mike Resnick

Mercenary (Starship, Book 3) image
Mercenary (Starship, Book 3)
by Mike Resnick

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Being a sucker for swashbucklers and a long-time science-fiction fan, I've been reading this series with a sense of guilty pleasure. The plot lines are about as original as alien influences aboard the submarine Seaview back in the day, but I still love following the pirate Captain Wilson Cole who hijacked the Teddy R after a dispute with his captain. This time out, Cole teams up with a female siren known as The Valkyrie who has her own ship, and her own sense of duty to her partner in crime. If you like old-fashioned space-oaters, you'll enjoy this tale.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our January, 2008 issue.

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