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Review of "The Thin Place" by Kathryn Davis, Shelly Frasier

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The Thin Place
by Kathryn Davis, Shelly Frasier

Tantor Media
Audio book
$29.99 Suggested Retail Price

The Tantor folks have a lot of unusual titles. One of them is this one. This is the tale that takes place in a small town near the Canadian border. Three girls find the body of a man on the beach at the local lake. Two of the girls run for help and leave 12-year old Mees to stay with the body. While the two girls are gone the body comes back to life. It seems that this Mees has a very myst4rious gift and that ability is the heart of this plot. This story is people with a wide variety of residents of the town and even includes their pets. Many powers of this small town’s worldly power come into play. This is a story of what happens when the extraordinary come to settle in a small ordinary place.

It’s different, this story, and it is very good on audiotape. Reader Shelly Frasier is very experienced in dramatizing an audiobook for us. She lives in Southern California and does a variety of vices for these characters.

Unabridged and interestingly odd, but well worth a listen.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our May, 2006 issue.

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