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Review of "The Rug Merchant" by Meg Mullins

The Rug Merchant image
The Rug Merchant
by Meg Mullins

Viking Adult
Audio CD
$23.95 Suggested Retail Price

Iranian rug merchant Ushman now lives in New York where he has worked to promote his small business, which he maintains in his home. His clients are wealthy and his rugs are beautiful examples of the fine work put into handmaid rugs from his home country. Lone of his clients is a Mrs. Roberts. Despite their differences Mrs. Roberts enjoys the stories that Ushman tells her about his own country and his life there. His dream is bring his wife over to the country but it is not to be. The wife informs him she is leaving him. He is devastated and then he meets Stella an All-American girl who is a student and they fall in love as improbable as that sounds.

Two cultures meet and find the difficulties they just face finding themselves in this tender bond. The tale is very affecting and well worth hearing.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our May, 2006 issue.

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