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Review of "30-Minute Meals" by Jean Pare

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30-Minute Meals
by Jean Pare

Company's Coming Publishing
$7.99 Suggested Retail Price

As we always expect from publisher Company's Coming, this is a brightly illustrated little book that is filled with tasty recipes. Thirty minutes for the preparation is very tempting for the busy working cook who will love this little book.

“Pecan-Crusted Chicken” and “Stir Fry Stew” sound lucious and only take about half an hour to prepare. You might even already have the ingredients needed for the recipes which really will cut the cooking time. Not only are the recipes mouth-watering to read there are some colorful photos that show the finished product.

This is another nice recipe book to think about owning from these folks who are among my favorites for food ideas and skills.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our September, 2005 issue.

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