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Review of "Car Talk Maternal Combustion: Calls About Moms And Cars" by Tom Magliozzi, Ray Magliozzi

Car Talk Maternal Combustion: Calls About Moms And Cars image
Car Talk Maternal Combustion: Calls About Moms And Cars
by Tom Magliozzi, Ray Magliozzi

HighBridge Audio
13.95 Suggested Retail Price

As a long-standing fan of the NPR radio show, Car Talk, I feel I am well qualified to rave about this offering. Tom and Ray Magliozzi have been doing a talk show every week for years.

They have never been dull. The object of the show is a call-in format. You have some car trouble and they try to solve it. Funny huh? Well it is. It's delightful and hysterically funny. No one is laughing harder than the boys themselves or their loyal audience. Every one of their CD's is a delight.

This title is exceptionally good. Lots of laughs and lots of sighs. The relationship between the boys who are not young and their mom is something to aim at. As I listened to this wonderful CD I realize that their mom is gone now but here she is visiting the show as she did many times. She talks to the callers and we giggle about the relationship between parent and kids that unfolds. At the same time we are learning about cars as about relationships.

There may have been a time when most of the listeners were men who speak "car talk" better they think. It doesn't take long to hear the women that call in with problems about their cars and they sound pretty knowledgeable too. Sometime the problem is easy like brakes or oil filters. Sometimes the problems get funny like a mouse that has crawled in somewhere in the dashboard and expired. Now the air from the AC smells awful.

Best of all on this particular release is to meet the Italian mother who raised these two guys and still kept their respect and shared her humor gene with them. She sounds like a really special mom and I loved hearing her stories and answers to the caller's questions.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our July, 2005 issue.

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