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Review of "Dusty and Lefty, The Lives of Cowboys" by Garrison Keillor

Dusty and Lefty, The Lives of Cowboys image
Dusty and Lefty, The Lives of Cowboys
by Garrison Keillor

Highbridge Audio
Audio CD
$14.95 Suggested Retail Price

For your delight and mine, Highbridge has put together 1-1/4 quarter hours of this delightful bit that is just a small part of the whole Prairie Home Companion show. Dusty and Lefty appear sporadically on the award winning radio show. On this disk there are 6 complete sections of sketches from these two ol' cowboys. Both of the cowboys sound like they might riding and chatting or sitting front of a small campfire. They ruminate on their lives and the state of the world. their humor is slow and relaxing until ykou find you are giggling uncontrollable. One has to wonder how much talent Kiellor has been blessed with. There seems to be no end to his abilities to write both long and short tales about cowboys or dectectives as well as great stories he writes about his home town which he calls "Lake Wobegone" This artist sings, too, and we can enjoy all of his talents thanks to the Highbridge people.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our October, 2006 issue.

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