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Disney's California Adventure Theme Park

Note: This review was written in February, 2001

Disney's newest U.S. theme park opened on February 2, 2001 in Southern California, fulfilling the corporate dream of adding a "Second Gate" to their original Disneyland park so that people would plan for longer stays exclusively within Disney's resort complex. The Disneyland Resort isn't just for kids anymore. It has many offerings strictly for adults. The new additions are themed to highlight all things California - from agriculture to industry. The resort is now in the same class as Walt Disney World. We were lucky to get a guided tour of both Disney's California Adventure and Downtown Disney. Our senior editor, Maggie Ramirez, has had some health problems that made it necessary for her to use a wheelchair throughout our visit, so we'll have some additional comments on accessibility for the disabled. We'll give you a preview of the highlights of the complex so you can see what each area has to offer. Then we'll try to sum up our impressions and give you some advice for planning your own visit. Come with us as we explore the new vacation destination for kids of all ages, Disney's California Adventure in the new Disneyland Resort.

Disney's California Adventure Park Map

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