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Hollywood Pictures Backlot Review Part 2

Superstar Limo Attraction

Superstar Limo

Around the corner from the Hyperion Theater is the "Superstar Limo" attraction. You get inside your "limo" and take a ride through a charicatured version of Hollywood past and present. You see animatronic incarnations of stars like Joan Rivers, Whoopi Goldberg and Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas, along with famous Hollywood landmarks like Rodeo Drive, Muscle Beach, and the Chinese Theater - all done in Disney cartoon-like fascades. It's a perfect ride for families who want a shared experience after the kids have spent the day on rides by themselves. Very gentle - no drops or things to frighten the young ones.

Hollywood Backlot Stage

Across from "Superstar Limo" is an outdoor stage where the acrobatics and stage stunt show "Lights, Camera, Chaos!" is presented at various times. The stars of this show perform death-defying stunts perched on various props and tiny platforms high overhead. Its a deceptively simple presentation of intricate skills and atheletic ability. A real crowd-pleaser, for sure, and just a whole lotta fun to watch!

Hollywood Backlot Stage

MuppetVision 3D Fascade

Muppetvision 3D

Finally we come to our favorite attaction in this part of the park - Jim Henson's MuppetVision 3D. Its a combination of 3D movie, audio animatronic magic, and live performance - all right out of the original Muppet Show from TV. The 3D effects are very good, although not as stunning as they were when this attraction premiered in the Disney/MGM Studios Theme Park in 1989. But there's no denying the genius of creator Jim Henson who sadly passed away just as the show first opened over a decade ago. This may well have been Henson's last performance as the voice of his best-known character, Kermit the Frog. We do miss him.

MuppetVision 3D interior

Hollywood Chows Down

Along the way, you can't help but notice the glitzy fascade for the "Award Wieners" food stand. We didn't get a chance to sample the dogs, but there was usually a crowd lined up in front of the place (this picture was taken before the park opened that day) so I would expect the hot dogs and sausages to be pretty good!

Hollywood and Dine

Award Wieners Diner

Near the back is the enormous "Hollywood and Dine", restaurant in which offers one of the largest selections of cuisine in all of California Adventure. You'll find burgers, deli sandwiches, pizza, and Asian specialties in this giant Hollywood soundstage building.

There are several other spots in Hollywood to grab a bite. There's the "Beteween Takes" stand where you can get a plate full of nachos. "The Fairfax Market" offers a selection of fresh fruit, vegetables, and nuts - a refreshing change when you've had nothing but fast food for a week. Schmoozies can quench your thirst with a cool frothy smoothie drink, or pick you up with a cup of steaming hot gourmet coffee.