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Review of "Mastering Perl 5" by Eric C. Herrmann, Eric Herrmann

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Mastering Perl 5
by Eric C. Herrmann, Eric Herrmann

Sybex Inc

$39.99 Suggested Retail Price

I always thought of Perl as the language of web servers. You know, the stuff behind all those "cgi-bin" pages. Its that, of course, but Perl is a handy language to use on your PC as well.

This fine computer book teaches you how to program in Perl, using the latest incarnation, version 5. You'll find out the underlying principles as well as the syntax. Best of all, of course, in these heady days of the Internet, you'll find out how to create your own cgi scripts and more. This computer book is a hefty tome, at over 900 pages. I appreciated the many reference tables and the special guides to working with Windows 95/98/NT.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our November, 2002 issue.

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