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Review of "Dirty Work" by Stuart Woods, Tony Roberts

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Dirty Work
by Stuart Woods, Tony Roberts

Putnam Berkley Audio

$25.95 Suggested Retail Price

Tony Roberts is one of my favorite readers and he is perfect for this very sexy story. We all have met Steve Barrington, the cop who is now a lawyer, in earlier Woods works. For this adventure Barrington has arrived in Manhattan to look for a woman - a very dangerous woman. He is investigating what really happened to a very dead and very rich husband. It all becomes a bizarre challenge to solve that takes both Barrington and his former NYPD partner to solve.

Woods is always a good listen, and also an easy read. He never fails to take his fans on an interesting adventure, as he proves once again here with this work.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our June, 2003 issue.

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