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Review of "Simply Java : An Introduction to Java Programming" by James Levenick

Simply Java : An Introduction to Java Programming image
Simply Java : An Introduction to Java Programming
by James Levenick

Charles River Media

$49.95 Suggested Retail Price

I am not among those intrepid programmers who have embraced Java. Despite Sun Microsystem's most valliant efforts, Java remains a niche. Still, if you need to develop cross-platform web-based client-side tools, you should certainly consider learning Java. This book is a beginner's tutorial to the langauge, that is best for someone who already has some programming experience. While the book covers a broad array of programming precepts, the goal is to present Java with less emphasis on teaching you how to write good programs. The CD-ROM contains the Java Development Kit v5.0 and other tools to let you write complete Java applications.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our July, 2005 issue.

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