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Review of "Quick & Easy Enjoy Chinese Cuisine" by Judy Lew

Quick & Easy Enjoy Chinese Cuisine image
Quick & Easy Enjoy Chinese Cuisine
by Judy Lew

Kodansha America

$11.95 Suggested Retail Price

This cookbook is filled with basic tips and conversion tables to help the aspiring home cook. There is also a section on cutting and cooking methods that I found to be very helpful. The recipes are presented with large color pictures of the finished product and a list of the ingredients. Then there are pictures of the process, but you will have to check in the section on methods to cook the dish correctly. The instructions are a tad different then we find in most cookbooks. All in bright colors and filled with information and deliciously easy recipes. This is an aspiring family chef's delight.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our December, 2004 issue.

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