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Review of "Brilliant Food Tips and Cooking Tricks : 5,000 Ingenious Kitchen" by David Joachim

Brilliant Food Tips and Cooking Tricks : 5,000 Ingenious Kitchen image
Brilliant Food Tips and Cooking Tricks : 5,000 Ingenious Kitchen
by David Joachim

Rodale Books

$19.95 Suggested Retail Price

The promise with this book is that you will become a better and smarter cook. Think of it, with a book that gives many ingenious kitchen hints and secrets so you will be able to amaze your guests and family. At the same time, you will find it fun to learn new culinary tricks. For example, you can learn how to crack an egg with one hand just like the pros do on television.

Author Joachim has teamed up with other food experts so that he could bring us this very comprehensive reference book of home cooking. The tips run from A to Z so that you can refer back to them easily or look up solutions to problems you encounter as you cook. You also get some 900 recipes for simple and very good dishes. Turn your own kitchen into a learning experience where you can have fun. There are a lot of helpful skills to learn. For the modest price of this book, you get a lot of information and instruction.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our December, 2004 issue.

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