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Review of "The Night Following" by Morag Joss

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The Night Following
by Morag Joss

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A hit-and-run accident in which a bicyclist is killed kicks off this psychological thriller from Silver Dagger award-winning author, Morag Joss. Written from the driver's point of view, we follow the guilt-ridden woman as she becomes obsessed with the victim. She starts to haunt the husband of the dead woman, Dr. Arthur Mitchell who is so devastated by the loss that his grip on reality is severely shaken. In fact, the poor man starts to believe that the mysterious woman that seems to be spying on him is actually the spirit of his dead wife.

Much-acclaimed around the world, "The Night Following" is an eerie tale that delves into the swirling darkness of guilt and loss that ensares everyone involved in the tragedy.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our February, 2009 issue.

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The Night Following
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ISBN: 978-0-385-34118-9

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