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Review of "Disney Lost and Found" by Charles Solomon

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Disney Lost and Found
by Charles Solomon

Disney Editions
$30.00 Suggested Retail Price

The Disney Studios have a well-earned reputation for their clever and imaginitive artwork, but you really can't appreciate the scope of the talent of the artists that have worked there until you go beyond what they present on the screen, back to the concept art. Years before most projects see the light of day, the artists work on developing characters and scenery for them. It's back at the old drawing board - or animation table - where you discover just how talented and imaginitive these magicians are with pencil and paint.

Charles Solomon gives us a look at some of the artwork created for movies, cartoons, books, and other projects that were never seen by the public or were not included in the final versions of those we all know and love. They range from simple pen and ink drawings to full illustrations. Some are silly. Some are breathtakingly beautiful. And all of them give you that special Disney feeling that you're about to be told a wonderful story. Some of Disney's most famous artists are featured here, along with many who are relatively unknown. The foreword by Mr. Solomon details the creative process at Disney, from the early days of the Studio up to today which gives the artwork presented in the book its proper context so that you can appreciate it all the more. If you're a fan of animation, this is a book that you'll very much want to own.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our July, 2008 issue.

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