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Review of "The Time Paradox" by Eoin Colfer

The Time Paradox image
The Time Paradox
by Eoin Colfer

Hyperion Books for Children
$17.99 Suggested Retail Price

This latest chapter in the Artemis Fowl series begins when Artemis' mother has become sick, and the cure requires the brain of a lemur. Sadly, Artemis himself is responsible for the extinction of the lemurs, so he must travel back in time. He enlists the help of his friends the fairies to take him back many years ago to find a lemur. But his quest is beset when he faces a cult called the Extinctionists, led by a Dr. Damon Kronski. Things get even more complicated when Artemis finds himself pitted against his younger self.

It's a ripping good yarn that upholds the tradition of quality established by the earlier books in the series. It's a great book for the pre-teen set that will keep them reading until the wee hours.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our July, 2008 issue.

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