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Review of "Excel Hacks: Tips & Tools for Streamlining Your Spreadsheets" by David Hawley, Raina Hawley

Excel Hacks: Tips & Tools for Streamlining Your Spreadsheets image
Excel Hacks: Tips & Tools for Streamlining Your Spreadsheets
by David Hawley, Raina Hawley

O'Reilly Media, Inc.
$29.99 Suggested Retail Price

In another brilliant book from the "Hacks" series from O'Reilly comes this revised edition of handy collection of tips for using Microsoft Excel, including Excel 2007. Like the other books in this series, "Excel Hacks" takes you beyond the simple how-to's and teaches you how to maximize your efforts. There's some great tips for using all aspects of the program, but where these books shine is in finding how to take advantage of all of the power that's built into this iconic piece of software. The tips on managing data sets and creating charts alone are worth the price of admission here. My favorite was Hack #121 that teaches you how to record and report changes to your worksheet. If you're in a workgroup that shares a spreadsheet, knowing who did what and when can be a lifesaver. If Excel is a part of your everyday existence, then you need this book.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our November, 2007 issue.

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