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Review of "The Tomb of Zeus" by Barbara Cleverly

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The Tomb of Zeus
by Barbara Cleverly

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There's more than a touch of Agatha Christie in this novel by Barbara Cleverly. The story unfolds on the isle of Crete in the post-War era, where the aspiring young student Laetitia Talbot joins the company of the famous archaeologist Theodore Russell - an unpleasant and ambitious man who is determined to discover the lost Tomb of Zeus - the legendary Greek god. Yes, on Crete even the gods may die. But its a classic murder mystery when Pheobe Russell, Theodore's scandalously young second wife, is found dead. At first its thought that she committed suicide, but Letty knows the Phoebe was not suicidal and she sets out to solve the crime.

Yes, all of the elements are here. The Russell household includes his shiftless son George, William Gunning - with whom Letty had a fling some years ago that ended badly, a local Greek guide, and even a police Inspector. The Grecian environment adds to the air of romance and mystery. Its a ripping good yarn, as they say. I'm a huge fan of British mysteries and I loved this story.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our November, 2007 issue.

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