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Review of "Crisis" by Robin Cook

Crisis image
by Robin Cook

Penguin Audio
Audio CD
$39.95 Suggested Retail Price

You know that Cook will give you a medical thriller to leave you breathless. This time there is a big trial that immerses the listener in a gripping mystery. Dr, Craig Bowman is being sued for medical negligence. Doctor Bowman has been a devoted physician for many years, and is now is a partner in an exclusive and fancy medical group. Unfortunately, there is a Dr. Jack Stapleton, a medical examiner in York City and also the brother-in-law of our Dr. Bowman. It has been a lengthy trial, so Dr. Stapleton decides it is time to lend a hand and his expertise. Dr. Craige’s defense attorney is losing the case so Dr. Stapleton contends that they should exhume the corpse and disprove the malpractice charges against the defendant. The exhumation opens a Pandora’s Box of horrors and the author has given us another novel of suspense and medical information that makes any listener/reader a bit leery of hospitals. As usual the author has presented us with one more reason to distrust the medical world.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our August, 2006 issue.

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