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Review of "Company" by Max Barry, William Dufris

Company image
by Max Barry, William Dufris

Tantor Media
Audio CD
$29.99 Suggested Retail Price

Max Barry is the author of the former bestseller called “Jennifer Government.” This time he takes his humor to the page and the audio book. You are in for a delightful story that begins in Seattle. The Zephry Holding Building is a rectangle with no distinguishing color except for a orange and black chimney on the top. Inside this anonymous building the floors are numbered in reverse. Is that odd? Also to be different no one has ever seen the CEO or even knows where his office is located. Which is on the first floor. The first floor is on the top of the building. Stephen Jones has just been hired by the company and his squeaky shoes take him into the Sales Training room. There he finds a crisis is going on. Someone has stolen a doughnut but soon they find the guilty party and deal with him. He is banished and Stephen is promptly promoted. As he tries to fit in with his coworkers, he learns the something is wrong. The company is trying to hide something and the result is that nobody in the company knows what the company really does.

Confusing? Indeed it all makes for a good tale.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our May, 2006 issue.

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