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Review of "Cats: Portraits of over 70 Pedigrees" by Bruce Fogle, Bruce Dr. Fogle

Cats: Portraits of over 70 Pedigrees image
Cats: Portraits of over 70 Pedigrees
by Bruce Fogle, Bruce Dr. Fogle

Dorling Kindersley Publishing

$14.95 Suggested Retail Price

(Not shown: Dogs, by Bruce Fogle, ISBN #0-7894-5174-3)

Both books in this series is an in-depth survey of the most popular breeds of dogs and cats. Every breed is discussed with information about their ancestry and disposition with profiles on each breed along with some great pictures. Physical features and temperaments are discussed. If you love animals or are thinking of adopting one of the purebred varieties you might want to purchase these dandy encyclopedias for the help you need.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our September, 2000 issue.

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