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Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow Intro

Jack Sparrow

We open with a scene of a shipwreck at sea. The newly-appointed Governor of Port Royal, one Weatherby Swann (Jonathan Pryce), is sailing to his new post aboard one of His Majesty's ships when it comes across the remnants of a ship that was obviously ransacked and destroyed by pirates. Amid the debris, the Governor's 8 year-old daughter Elizabeth spots a boy floating unconcious in the water. When they bring the boy aboard, Elizabeth discovers a chain around his neck with a gold medallion strung on it. Elizabeth secretly steals the medallion and keeps it to herself, an act that will come to have a great impact on her later in life.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Will Turner & Elizabeth Swann

Will & Elizabeth

Ten years later we see the famed pirate Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), who's sailing into Port Royal aboard what can only be called a floating mast. His crew had mutinied and left him stranded on the proverbial island and he just managed to escape. His bad luck holds, however, and he is immediately thrown into jail. We find Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) has grown into a young beauty who has attracted the attentions of the ambitious Commodore Norrington (Jack Davenport), a pompous prat to whom she has been betrothed by her father. But Elizabeth loves the handsome young smithee, Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), who was the boy plucked out of the water those many years ago. Will is now an artisan who makes the best swords in all of the Caribbean, and he is also quite skilled in their use, but in that culture he is a lowly tradesman. And lowly tradesman do not marry into the peerage, so the two smitten youngsters are limited to furtive glances, heaving bosoms, stolen moments, and brief conversations.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Crew of The Black Pearl

Crew of The Black Pearl

The game's afoot when Jack's old crew aboard the legendary ship The Black Pearl, now under the command of his old nemisis Captain Barbossa, attacks Port Royal and kidnaps Elizabeth, intending to ransom her. Jack, seeking to avenge himself (and avoid being hung, of course) escapes from jail. He crosses swords with our hero Will, but the two discover their common interests and join forces to try go after the Black Pearl, recover the treasure and rescue Elizabeth. But there's a secret neither of them knows. The ship is indeed haunted by demons and they will have to overcome their enemy using their wits as well as their swords.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow & Will Turner close-up

Jack Sparrow and Our Hero Will Turner

Its a knock-down, drag-out of a movie with excellent special effects. The gags are non-stop, but you have to be quick or you'll miss half of them. Johnny Depp is charming as the scoundrel Jack Sparrow, perhaps the most aptly-named character in movie history. I've never before seen a pirate who looks like the "Before" shot in the old Charles Atlas comic book ads. But he's funny and handles the role with a deft touch - never letting the jokes overwhelm the action or the story. Keira Knightley is beautiful and handles her role with grace and timing, handling the role of intrepid heroine with pluck and dignity, with a sprinkling of corset jokes to keep things light.

One of the things I was most grateful for was that this movie could have easily been so bad. The deliberate exploitation of the Disney theme park attraction Pirates of the Caribbean could have meant a mindless Disney kids' movie from "The Absent-Minded Professor" era. The producers do pay homage to the movie's namesake, Disney Imagineer Marc Davis' marvelous attraction in Disneyland, by using several easily recognized scenes from the ride as a backdrop for several locations in the town of Port Royal. And here and there, the cast will let forth with a few stanzas from "Yo-Ho! A Pirate's Life For Me!" But other than those two aspects, there's no other sign of The Company's often-heavy-handed influence. Its just a wonderful show. In the words of Monty Python's Michael Palin, its "A Ripping Good Yarn!" I think its going to be a much bigger hit than anyone expected. We're going to see it at least once more in the theater and there's a spot on our bookshelf already reserved for the DVD.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Soundtrack CD
By Klaus Badelt

Disney Records


A collection of classical renditions for a movie with a classic theme. Badelt's music adds depth and spirit to this movie. Lots of reeds to put the wind in your sails and to strike a chord of fear when the time is right and the spirits are amongst us. You won't be disappointed.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Junior Novelization
By Irene Tremble

Random House/Disney

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