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Move to Strike
by Perri O'Shaughnessy
Island Books
ISBN: 0440225825

Nina Reilly, the Lake Tahoe attorney, is called on again to solve a mysterious death and represent some interesting folks.…

Moment of Truth
by Lisa Scottoline
ISBN: 0060196092

Wealthy real estate lawyer Jack Newlin admits to murdering his wife…

Demolition Angel
by Robert Crais
ISBN: 0385495846

Here is an exciting story about bombs and the people who must deal with them…

Lo Mein
by Robert Eringer
Cote Literary Group
ISBN: 1-9291-7514-0

Its a bloody and hilarious tale about a failed artist who shoots up Walt Disney World, killing a bunch of folks - and Mickey…

Do Or Die
by Grace F. Edwards
ISBN: 0-3854-9248-0

Grace Edwards brings Mali Anderson to his fourth outing. This time, Anderson takes a trip on the QE2 only to return to…

He Shall Thunder In The Sky
by Elizabeth Peters
William Morrow & Company
ISBN: 0-3809-7659-5

Another mystery for the summer is He Shall Thunder In The Sky by Elizabeth Peters, creator of the fictional sleuth Amelia…

Cat to the Dogs
by Shirley Rousseau Murphy
HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN: 0-0610-5097-0

I am a cat lover, and I especially enjoy a good mystery that features a cat…

Special Circumstances
by Sheldon Siegel
ISBN: 0-5538-0141-4

"Special Circumstances" by Sheldon Siegel is one of those engrossing legal thrillers for mystery lovers to enjoy.…

by Sandra Brown
Warner Books
ISBN: 0-4465-2701-7

A lightweight mystery to take to the beach is "Standoff" by Sandra Brown…

Name Dropping
by Jane Heller
Thorndike Press
ISBN: 0-7862-2979-9

"Name Dropping" by Jane Heller is another kind of funny adventure in this comic mystery writer's portfolio…

by Mario Puzo
Random House
ISBN: 0-3755-0254-8

Omerta refers to honor in the Sicilian language. This last book by the late Puzo deals one last time with Mafia killers…

Death of a Red Heroine
by Qiu Xiaolong
Soho Press
ISBN: 1-5694-7193-2

I also recommend that you include "Death of a Red Heroine" by Don Xiaolong in your reading list…

The Floating Girl
by Sujata Massey
HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN: 0-0601-9229-1

"The Floating Girl" is a fun mystery that revolves around the Japanese comic-book art scene…

Middle of Nowhere
by Ridley Pearson
ISBN: 0-7868-6563-6

It would be a sin to neglect the enjoyment to be had from one of the best of the best books this summer, "Middle of…

The Patient
by Michael Palmer
ISBN: 0-5531-0983-9

"The Patient" is another medical thriller. The invention of a robot device to use for surgery is so good that some…

The 4 Phase Man
by Richard Steinberg
ISBN: 0-3854-9259-6

You don't want to miss the book "The 4 Phase Man" by Richard Steinberg (Doubleday)…

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