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Reading Judas: The Gospel of Judas and the Shaping of Christiani
by Elaine Pagels, Karen L. King
Penguin Audio
ISBN: 0143141864

Lost in the furor in the TV tabloids surrounding the DaVinci Code, the tomb of Jesus, the Shroud of Turin, etc…

by Jesse Kellerman
Penguin Audio
ISBN: 978-0-14-314189-1

Jonah Stem is a medical student in New York who stumbles into a crime scene…

Mistress of the Art of Death
by Ariana Franklin
Penguin Audio
ISBN: 978-0-14-314188-4

Its a murder in medieval Cambridge in England. The murder of four children have brought out the worst in the populace…

Mark Twain Tonight!
by Mark Twain
The Audio Partners
ISBN: 978-1-57270-562-3

Hal Holbrook is one of those actors that has that Southern charm so well ingrained that you can't help but enjoy watching…

Dusty and Lefty, The Lives of Cowboys
by Garrison Keillor
Highbridge Audio
ISBN: 1598870432

For your delight and mine, Highbridge has put together 1-1/4 quarter hours of this delightful bit that is just a small…

Life, The Universe, and Everything
by Douglas Adams
Random House
ISBN: 1597770027

Douglas Adams has left us with the treaure of his writings that are still unique and demonstrate his amazing imagination.…

The Art of the Incredibles Cards
by Disney/Pixar
Chronicle Books
ISBN: 0-8138-4685-7

The diversity of the Chronicle publishers is clearly believable when you see some of the very current titles and the many…

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
by Douglas Adams
Random House Audio
ISBN: 0-7393-3207-4

If you make it to The Restaurant At the End of the Universe you can watch the final destruction of the universe over and…

by Robin Cook
Penguin Audio
ISBN: 0143058703

You know that Cook will give you a medical thriller to leave you breathless…

A G-Man's Life: The FBI, Being
by Mark Felt and John O’Connor
Tantor Media
ISBN: 1400102294

After a 30 year silence, former FBI Agent Mark Felt is finally is willing to talk and tell about his role as “Deep Throat”…

Split Second
by David Baldacci, Ron McLarty
Warner Adult
ISBN: 158621-581-7

Michelle Maxwell was supposed to watch the presidential candidate…

The Supermarket Diet
by Janis Jibrin
ISBN: 1588164683

Now this makes sense. We all probably shop at a Super Market and regularly ignore whether what we select is diet safe…

NNNNN : A Novel
by Carl Reiner
Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 0-7432-8669-3

Here we have a delightful audiotape. You cannot beat the humor of Carl Reiner, and this tale will let you know that he…

The Rug Merchant
by Meg Mullins
Viking Adult
ISBN: 0670034819

Iranian rug merchant Ushman now lives in New York where he has worked to promote his small business, which he maintains…

The Cat Who Dropped A Bombshell
by Lilian Jackson Braun
Penguin Audio Books
ISBN: 0-1430-5930-0

Another mystery for the two Siamese cats who live in Pickax, the improbably narrow community of good folks…

If Death Ever Slept
by Rex Stout
The Audio Partners
ISBN: 1572705310

I am always up for a Nero Wolf mystery tale. Michael Pritchard is also the best reader for these famous stories about…

The Rubber Band
by Rex Stout, Michael Prichard
Audio Partners
ISBN: 1572700521

This is another unabridged work from legendary author Rex Stout, read to us by Michael Pritchard who is now familiar to…

The Thin Place
by Kathryn Davis, Shelly Frasier
Tantor Media
ISBN: 1-4001-0221-9

The Tantor folks have a lot of unusual titles. One of them is this one…

The Big Moo: Stop Trying to Be Perfect And Start Being Remarkabl
by the Group of 33, Seth Godin
Tantor Media
ISBN: 1400102014

This is a collection of opinions regarding the growth of business and the value of that growth…

by Max Barry, William Dufris
Tantor Media
ISBN: 1-4001-0202-2

Max Barry is the author of the former bestseller called “Jennifer Government…

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