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Dr. Death
by Jonathan Kellerman, John Rubinstein
Random House Audio
ISBN: 0-375-41616-1

Kellerman introduces us to "Dr. Death," who is a euthanasia champion and responsible for scores of assisted suicides…

1st to Die
by James Patterson, Suzanne Toren
Warner Adult
ISBN: 1-58621-056-4

A story of four women and a killer this adventure takes place in San Francisco…

The Prometheus Deception
by Robert Ludlum, Frank Muller
Audio Renaissance
ISBN: 1-55927-609-6

Ludlum is a great writer to listen to, and when it is as well read as it is by Muller you can look for hours of interest…

The Tin Collectors
by Stephen J. Cannell, Robert Lawrence
Brilliance Audio
ISBN: 1-58788-166-7

Cannell once again weaves us a delicious tale to enjoy. L.A…

Buster's Diaries : The True Story of a Dog and His Man
by Roy Hattersley
Warner Adult
ISBN: 1-5704-2977-4

Let's begin with Buster's letter to his American friends in which he tells us about how famous he has become in Britain…

The Letter of the Law
by Tim Green, Keith Szarabajka
Warner Adult
ISBN: 1-5862-1023-8

Casey Jordan is an attorney. Her former teacher Eric Lipton has been accused in the brutal murder of one of his young students.…

Magic Terror
by Peter Straub, Ron Mclarty, Beth MacDonald
Random House Audio
ISBN: 0-3754-1603-X

Straub who wrote GHOST STORY among other scary tales gives us one of the most unsettling story collections to hear…

Pagan Babies
by Elmore Leonard, Steve Buscemi
Random House Audio
ISBN: 0-5535-2751-7

Leonard opens this story in Africa where we meet Father Terry Dunn…

by Dick Francis, Martin Jarvis
Putnam Berkley Audio
ISBN: 0399146776

Gerard Logan is a glassblower of some fame. His good friend Martin Stukely is a jockey and invites Gerard to watch him race.…

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