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The Beach House
by James Patterson, Peter de Jonge, Gil Bellows
Warner Adult
ISBN: 1-58621-286-9

"BEACH HOUSE" by James Patterson is also from Time Warner…

The Bishop in the West Wing
by Andrew M. Greeley, Paul Michael
Audio Renaissance
ISBN: 1-5592-7746-7

AUDIO RENAISSANCE currently has some of the best titles for your enjoyment…

by Keith Ablow, Guerin Barry
Audio Renaissance
ISBN: 1-5592-7748-3

Audio Rennaisance also have released "COMPULSION" by Keith Ablow…

Full House
by Janet Evanovich, Steffie Hall, Charlotte Hughes
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 0-3129-8327-1

Next to consider from the same publisher is "FULL HOUSE" by Janet Evanovich…

The Land of Oz: Library Edition
by L. Frank Baum, Anna Fields
Blackstone Audiobooks
ISBN: 0-7861-2240-4

BLACKSTONE AUDIO BOOKS has some current and excellent titles to consider…

The Fire Lover: A True Story
by Joseph Wambaugh, Howard Ken
ISBN: 0-0600-9546-6

"FIRE LOVER" by Joseph Wambaugh, also published by Blackstone, is the complete book that was such a best-seller.…

The Bureau: The Secret History of the FBI
by Ronald Kessler
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0-3123-0402-1

One more Blackstone title to enjoy is called "THE BUREAU…

Spanish Level One (Learn in Your Car)
by Henry N. Raymond
Penton Overseas
ISBN: 1-59125-204-0

From Penton Overseas, Inc. you will find several language courses to choose from…

Chosen Prey
by John Sandford
Putnam Berkley Audio
ISBN: 0-3991-4767-5

This audio book novel is about a most cheerful and perverted man by the name of James Qatar…

The Millionaires
by Brad Meltzer, Tony Goldwyn
Warner Adult
ISBN: 1-58621-205-2

Two brothers find themselves working in a private bank. The bank is called Greene & Greene and they only accept accounts…

Up Country
by Nelson DeMille, Ken Howard
Warner Adult
ISBN: 1-58621-135-8

One of the names that is carved into the Vietnam Memorial is that of an American Army Lieutenant…

Carry On, Jeeves!
by P. G. Wodehouse, Frederick Davidson
Blackstone Audiobooks
ISBN: 0-7861-9949-0

Both of these wonderfully-produced audiobooks are unabridged and read by the quintessential voice for the Wodehouse tales,…

Jazz : A History of America's Music
by Geoffrey C. Ward, Ken Burns, Levar Burton
Random House Audio
ISBN: 0-375-41642-0

The history of America's most enduring music genre of the 20th Century is told through the times and the lives of the people…

The Anne Rice Collection: Mayfair Witches
by Anne Rice, Joe Morton, Tim Curry, Lindsay Crouse
Random House Audio
ISBN: 0-375-41620-X

These books are produced in abridged format that was approved by author Rice, so for those of you who like a shortcut, this…

Code to Zero
by Ken Follett, Frank Muller
Penguin Audiobooks
ISBN: 0-14-180285-5

This is a story about a man who has lost his memory. It's January 1958 and Luke Lucas has awakes in a railway station…

Wallace and Gromit Audio Collection
by Peter Sallis
Hodder Headline Audiobooks/Ardma
ISBN: 1-855998-903-9

Fans will recognize Peter Sallis as the original voice from the animated series of Wallace & Gromit short films…

Secret Sanction
by Brian Haig, John Rubinstein
Warner Adult
ISBN: 1-58621-139-0

Now you can listen to this best-seller at your leisure. Brian Haig has moved from being a simple performance artist all…

Seven Up
by Janet Evanovich, Tanya Eby
Nova Audio Books
ISBN: 1-58788-531-X

This abridgment is read by fellow writer Tanya Eby, who has also been an actress…

The Code of the Woosters: Jeeves to the Rescue
by P. G. Wodehouse, Jonathan Cecil
Audio Partners
ISBN: 1-57270-182-X

Jeeves is the ultimate gentleman's gentleman in the best British style…

Baby, Would I Lie?
by Donald E. Westlake, Nicola Sheara
Audio Partners
ISBN: 1-57270-139-0

One of my favorite writers is Donald Westlake. I enjoy his "big caper" mysteries, his humor, and his puzzling plots where…

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