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Review of "Parallel Lies" by Ridley Pearson

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Parallel Lies
by Ridley Pearson


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Trains and train accidents are the basis of this plot. Every few weeks there is another train derailment. The causes have been listed as "driver error" or "mechanical failure" or even the failure of a signal to work right. The truth is that there is a terrorist loose who is trying to make a point. His name is Umberto Alvarez, and he blames the Northern Union Railroad Company for the death of his family. He is out to destroy the company and make them admit their lies about the cause of the accident that killed his wife and twin girls.

Peter Tyler is an ex-cop who has been hired as a temp for the National Transportation Safety Board is trying to find the unknown terrorist, only to learn the truth for him about the Railroad Company. Now the company is set to showcase their new super-speed train on tracks that are too narrow for safety at these speeds. Umberto and Peter work together to save the day.

This is not the best of Pearson. It's too easy to guess what is going to happen. That takes the mystery out of the plot. Not up to his well earned reputation this one is still an interesting read because even at his less that top form Pearson is better then the average mystery/adventure writer.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our October, 2001 issue.

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