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Review of "Step to the Graveyard Easy" by Bill Pronzini

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Step to the Graveyard Easy
by Bill Pronzini

Walker & Company

$21.95 Suggested Retail Price

Stories by Bill Prozini, the creator of the "Nameless Detective" series, are always welcome. This time we take up with one Matthew Cape who is making out with a redhead when his wife walks in on them.

Cape runs away from all the worries that have driven him from his job and sets out on a path he has only dreamed about! He puts most of his money in his pocket and becomes a wanderer in a Corvette he has just purchased for this adventure. Matthew Cape is a shrewd man, so as he takes up gambling and women he does pretty well at winning pots. He takes joins up with a couple of female drifters. As Matthew is drawn to the San Francisco Bay Area and then up to Lake Tahoe where he finally finds the freedom he wants and the redemption he needs.

Prozini takes his reader on a ride with a most likeable hero. At heart this man is very honest and we root for him throughout the trail of adventure he is traveling.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our August, 2002 issue.

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