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Review of "Dark Horse" by Tami Hoag

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Dark Horse
by Tami Hoag


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Back to Palm Beach we go - the scene of many a crime novel where we join Elena Estes who used to be a cop. She was an undercover cop until she rushed into a crime scene and her partner was shot. Now no one likes her - least of all Elena herself. When the case of a missing girl is brought to her by the girl's 12 year-old sister, no one else seems to care. Not her mother or stepfather, not the authorities - who have shown no interest or belief in the youngster.

Estes has left the force and now has a Private Investigator's license, but she is loath to take up any cases. The sister talks her into caring about this case and Estes goes to visit the horse farm where the stepsister worked. The detective, Estes, becomes embroiled in a twisted tale of the dark areas of horse-trading and deceit. The tough P.I. solves it all and is a hero in the end. Its a fair mystery filled with nasty characters, but Hoag has done better.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our November, 2002 issue.

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