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Review of "Genealogy Online for Dummies" by Matthew Helm, April Leigh Helm, Matthew L. Helm

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Genealogy Online for Dummies
by Matthew Helm, April Leigh Helm, Matthew L. Helm

Hungry Minds Inc

$24.99 Suggested Retail Price

Another in the "For Dummies" series from IDG books, this excellent guide shows the average home user how to tap the vast wealth of knowledge available on the Internet to help trace your family history. It helps you find the best sites for locating information from the US and other governments, as well as from private and commercial websites dedicated to genealogy. Its a comprehensive guide to online tools. The bundled CD-ROM includes the popular Family Tree Maker program and a utility to convert between standard GEDCOM-format genealogy files and HTML for publishing and sharing on the World Wide Web. A very nice package.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our November, 2002 issue.

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