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Review of "Abracadabra!: Secret Methods Magicians & Others Use to Deceive T" by Nathaniel Schiffman

Abracadabra!: Secret Methods Magicians & Others Use to Deceive T image
Abracadabra!: Secret Methods Magicians & Others Use to Deceive T
by Nathaniel Schiffman

Prometheus Books

$28.00 Suggested Retail Price

Nathaniel Schiffman has presented his readers with this large volume that is filled with secrets of magic. He does not reveal any of the magician's private secrets. In fact, there is not much that is new to die-hard magic fans, but this is very first time that the information has been brought to our attention in a book that is both readable and easy to understand. Schiffman informs us that magicians use more than just mirrors to deceive the audience. The most famous magicians are masters of their trade and have developed many techniques to manipulate people. Every little movement and action is explained. We find out about what "misdirection" really is and how it is used to amaze us. The reader will learn how vital actions are masked from the audience, along with simple optical illusions that are used.

Aside from the theatrical magicians, this author shows us what he calls "Off Stage" magic that is used in advertising and in politics to make you believe their stories. The book is full of information and eye-opening tricks of the trade that the audience never would know about if the author were not there to enlighten them.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our December, 2002 issue.

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