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Review of "Cake Mix Magic 2: 125 More Easy Desserts ... Good As Homemade" by Jill Snider

Cake Mix Magic 2: 125 More Easy Desserts ... Good As Homemade image
Cake Mix Magic 2: 125 More Easy Desserts ... Good As Homemade
by Jill Snider

Robert Rose

$18.95 Suggested Retail Price

This second edition of Ms. Snider's book holds 125 new recipes to add to your kitchen choreography and they are all done using cake mixes. These are foolproof recipes you can use right away. The ideas cover single layer cakes, multi-layer cakes. cookies, breads and a bunch more. The book starts out with useful information like the equipment you'll need and the ingredients you should use, resulting in elegant-looking deserts - all by just following simple directions and store-bought cake mix. A number of color photos of the classy cakes you will be serving highlight the pages of this inexpensive guide to simple desserts.

You can learn how to make things such as an "Apple Crisp Cake," "Pina Colada Cake," "Apple Crisp." Also included for you are many different kinds of frostings to make your cakes gorgeous. There are many tricks to use with cake mixes that will result in a variety of quick and easy delights.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our April, 2003 issue.

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