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Review of "Flight Test Lab: Spacecraft: Build and Launch 4 Different Spacec" by Paul Beck

Flight Test Lab: Spacecraft: Build and Launch 4 Different Spacec image
Flight Test Lab: Spacecraft: Build and Launch 4 Different Spacec
by Paul Beck

Silver Dolphin

$17.95 Suggested Retail Price

This really great series has some of the best ideas and kits that you can purchase. This kit will help the owner to discover the rocket science that goes into making a spacecraft work.

The first thing you should know is that this is not for indoor use. It's an outdoor project and it's a really impressive one. Included in the kit are a rocker and four payloads to launch your rockets. Power is important so there is a 7-piece power launcher. The 32-page booklet is brightly illustrated and details the science of space flight.

Eight year-old kids who are lucky enough to receive this excellent kit really need an adult to help them out. Older kids, like teens and adults, can figure this out and enjoy their space flight alone.

This kit is only one of a series of outstanding kits that teach all sorts of things and have all the parts to construct any number of science adventures.

So go ahead with this one. Assemble it and install your payload. Then count down and blastoff! Wow!

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our July, 2005 issue.

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