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Review of "Linux Network Security" by Peter G Smith

Linux Network Security image
Linux Network Security
by Peter G Smith

Charles River Media

$49.95 Suggested Retail Price

Many amateurs are tempted to set up their own Linux-based server, but they soon discover that running a server presents a host (ahem) of security issues that they'd never encountered before with a simple networked environment. Peter Smith gives us an impressive guide to configuring a Linux system for many different purposes. One of my favorite sections discussed thing you could take out of Linux. With all of the baggage that some installations come with, its nice to have some informed advice as to what you really need to keep and what you could easily live without. But the main focus of the book is security, and this book shows you how to tighten up your system and how to foresee security issues before they become real problems. This fine computer book is a valuable resource for any Linux administrator.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our July, 2005 issue.

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