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Review of "The Kingdom Keepers" by Ridley Pearson

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The Kingdom Keepers
by Ridley Pearson

Disney Editions
$17.99 Suggested Retail Price

Ridley Pearson has put his talents to work to produce this fantasy tale for children. The children in question should be able to handle the scare of some odd direction that the Disney World Resort is taking. It seems that the famous scientific imaginations of the upper management have invented a way to make holograms to replace live Cast Members with computer-generated replicas. Young actors are hired and holographic images of them are produced to guide the guests on tours and even answer questions. A young man by the name of Finn is one of those hired. He is not supposed to every go into the Magic Kingdom Park, but rather is to stay in his own section. Of course he ignores the rule and finds his hologram at work. He joins with four other employees to investigate what is going on here. They find that the holograms have some unexpected quirks. They are thrilling, but might be dangerous.

Suddenly one night, Finn finds himself transported from his bed to Disney World where it is nighttime. There he finds a scheming witch and a group of "overtakers." They are plotting to destroy the Disney theme park, and only Finn and his friends can stop them

This is romp through Disney World for kids, and I know even older fans will love the fine telling of a fantasy tale that takes them into the Magic Kingdom at night. It's spooky!

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our November, 2005 issue.

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