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Review of "The Nancy Drew Cookbook : Clues to Good Cooking" by Carolyn G. Keene

The Nancy Drew Cookbook : Clues to Good Cooking image
The Nancy Drew Cookbook : Clues to Good Cooking
by Carolyn G. Keene

Grosset & Dunlap

$9.99 Suggested Retail Price

The subtitle tells us that the book is full of clues, but it really is full of recipes. Yes, there are a hundred or more clues. There is a chapter of clues that really are good tips for a young or older cook. Then you can dive in to this eye-catching spiral bound cookbook that it lays flat so you can read and cook at the same time.

Breakfast is the first set of meals that you find here. "Chocolate Waffles" sound yummy, but the "Keep in Shape Grapefruit" sounds even better. All the way through you get comments from Nancy herself. Some of these add suggestions for changing or adding to a recipe. The drawings all through the book are blue and brown and in fact the whole package is attractive. This cookbook with the nostalgic appeal of Nancy Drew is a fun-filled selection of simple recipes.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our November, 2005 issue.

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