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Review of "Robotic T-Rex" by Paul Beck

Robotic T-Rex image
Robotic T-Rex
by Paul Beck

Silver Dolphin

$17.95 Suggested Retail Price

It is starting to look like a great holiday is coming. This T-Rex Kit opens like a binder. Inside are all the parts you need to assemble your very own T-Rex. Leaning all the way by using the 32-page instruction book that will advise you how to put it together and what it was like to be a T-Rex.

Again there are some small parts so do not purchase this for kids under three or four. Somewhere about the second or third grade a child's interest in dinosaurs is at it's height. Remember these are robots you are going to build. In the end you will have built your very own walking dinosaur. With teeth!

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our December, 2004 issue.

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