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Review of "The Hand in the Glove" by Rex Stout, Judith West

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The Hand in the Glove
by Rex Stout, Judith West

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This time, Audio Editions has turned out a very new Rex Stout story. In addition, we are meeting for the first time a female private detective named Dol Bonner. I like her!

Dol is young and, of course, very pretty. She is running her own agency and the year is 1937. Dol doesn't like men, but she does use them very well when she needs to solve a crime. Dol's friends and the men she is using are all eccentric characters. One of the characters is a psychologist and another is a spiritual medium. These two add some comic touches.

This is no rival to a real Nero Wolfe mystery, but it is refreshing to see another side of one of my favorite mystery authors. By the way, the story isn't a new one because rex Stout died in 1975. Here we have a fine addition to the Nero Wolfe series of audiobook novels from Audio Editions.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our December, 2004 issue.

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