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Review of "Broken Prey" by John Sandford

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Broken Prey
by John Sandford

Penguin Audio
39.95 Suggested Retail Price

Depending on the time you have to spend while you enjoy another "Prey" tale you can either choose to purchase the abridged form which is short and well produced or you can enjoy the whole book in it's unabridged format.

For the plot the first body is found on a Minneapolis riverbank. It's the body of a young woman. Then three weeks later another body is found. This time it's a man, but there is a similarity in the two deaths that can't be ignored.

Now a newly paroled man who must wear an ankle alarm has managed to dump the warning jewelry and has vanished. In the interim, a predator waits in the wings to scare us.

All sixteen "Prey" mysteries have all been big top sellers. You cannot go wrong with John Sanford if it's dark mysteries that attract you.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our July, 2005 issue.

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