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The Sid Caesar Collection - The Fan Favorites

New Video Group

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This companion set to the other Sid Caesar Collection was put together from shows chosen through an Internet poll. The fans favorites will be yours also. Emmy winning comedian Sid Caesar was one of the greatest comics of all time. Extras on these DVD's include interviews with the former cast members. Also there are biographies of each cast member and writer. These writers made up the cream of American comedy, and the stories that came out of the room in which they did their funny deeds is worth a book.

The sketches include "A Pantomime St Coney Island," "The Beauty Contest," "The Professor On Magic," and many more of the old favorites that fans all know and love.

The shows hold up pretty well, and its always amazing to see these great performers who did all of these shows live in front of a studio audience. These are the orignal ancestors of shows like Saturday Night Live and Mad TV.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our February, 2005 issue.

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