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Review of "Super in the City" by Daphne Uviller

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Super in the City
by Daphne Uviller

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Meet Zephyr Zuckerman, a bright and highly educated young woman who finds herself agreeing to become the superintendent of her parent's Greenwich Village brownstone after the previous super is arrested. Having recently dropped out of school, Zephyr's life is at something of a crossroads, but she's bouyed by her close friends whose personal lives range from the cultured Mercedes - a concert violinist, Tag - the divorced, world-travelling scientist, to Lucy, a social worker who's still looking for Mr. Right.

When Zephyr hires an exterminator, Gregory Samson, to take care of some pest problems in the building, they discover a concealed stairway that leads from the super's apartment which ultimately leads them to discover one of the female tenants is running a very special business from her apartment.

A bold and brassy, but breezy romp, "Super In The City" will keep you entertained as the mysteries of this Manhattan apartment building unfurl and sweep Zephyr and Gregory into each others' arms.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our February, 2009 issue.

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