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Review of "Dear Homefolks / A Doughboy's Letters and Diaries" by Roy Evans Thompson

Dear Homefolks / A Doughboy's Letters and Diaries image
Dear Homefolks / A Doughboy's Letters and Diaries
by Roy Evans Thompson

Regent Press
$20.00 Suggested Retail Price

"Dear Homefolks" tells the story of Roy Thompson as he entered the US Army and served in France during World War I. It's a touching, personal account of this remarkable man's experience from the rigors of training through the horrors of that war's imfamous trench warfare. Roy's son, Dale Thompson, compiled his letters home, his diary, and other documents, including photographs and postcards and other momentoes of his life. Thompson's service changed the course of his life dramatically from the farming background of his youth. The Army was fortunate to have noticed Roy's mechanical skills and trained him to be an auto mechanic. This led to him becoming a noted mechanical engineer, an inventor, and a champion of education. Few biographies are told with such a personal perspective and charm. It's a delightful and inspiring life story.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our January, 2009 issue.

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