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Review of "Up Against The Clock" by Ronald C. Mendlin

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Up Against The Clock
by Ronald C. Mendlin

Regent Press
$19.95 Suggested Retail Price

Ronald Mendlin shows managers and small business owners how to conquer the problem of managing your time. We all face the demon procrastination at some time (some of us more than others), and it often ends up with so many things on your To-Do List that you feel you'll never catch up. And you won't unless you take matters in hand. Mr. Mendlin offers some great advice for organizing your office and then moves on to show you how to tackle the tasks you face. Prioritization is certainly one key, but so is looking for obstacles - both emotional and organizational - that prevent you from completing the most important jobs. Speaking as a professional procrastinator, I can attest to the value of the lessons presented here. Of special note is the chapter on recognizing and dealing with stress, and understanding how stress can kill productivity. Here's a book that is truly worth the time it takes to read.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our January, 2009 issue.

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