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Review of "Echoes from the Dead" by Johan Theorin

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Echoes from the Dead
by Johan Theorin

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Set on the Baltic island of Oland in Sweden, this debut novel by Johan Theorin begins with the tragic story of Jens, the 5 year-old son of Julia Davidsson who disappears one foggy day on the island. Julia is so distraught that she spends 20 years of her life in total dispair of finding her son until one day when her father Gerlof tells her that he has a clue to what happened. Someone has sent Gerlof one of Jens' sandals in the mail. This intriguing clue sends them back to Oland where they encounter an old veteran in a nursing home whom they suspect was involved in Jens' disappearance. The story flashes back and forth between the present day and the day when Jens went missing, and keeps you following a circle of clues and you think you know what happened, but you just aren't sure. It's a carefully plotted mystery with rich characters that you come to care about as you follow them through their trials. This book won Sweden's Best First Crime Novel and is well-deserving of that honor. You're sure to enjoy it.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our January, 2009 issue.

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