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I rented this movie recently because I hadn't seen it in many years and wanted to share it with some friends. Written and directed by Blake Edwards (The Pink Panther, Victor-Victoria) and starring Julie Andrews as Sally Miles, a pure as the driven snow Doris Day-type actress whose career in romantic movies is fading. Her husband, famed director Felix Farmer (Richard Mulligan), has a major disaster on his hands when his latest shlock-fest, "Nightwind" starring his wife Sally, flops in previews. Not being able to handle the failure, Felix attempts to kill himself. The studio head, David Blackman (Robert Vaughn), has decided to recall Nightwind and recut it to try to salvage their investment. Felix is horrified at the prospect of someone else cutting his film, but he's had an inspiration. If the public wants sex and violence, he'll give it to them in spades. So Felix hocks everything he has and buys Nightwind from the studio, planning to reshoot it. Meanwhile, Sally has had enough of Felix and is on the verge of filing for divorce when she learns that Felix has bought the film and there's no money or property to be won in a settlement. So she's forced to do whatever she can to make Nightwind a success - even if it means losing her squeaky-clean image and, GASP!, doing a topless scene.

Rounding out this star-studded cast are William Holden, Robert Preston, Larry Hagman, Stuart Margolin, Shelly Winters, Robert Loggia, and Loretta Swit. It's a poke in Hollywood's eye that showcases Blake Edwards' genius. The humor is sharp and saucy, with no pulled punches. You will not guess where this movie is going until you get there. And yes, Julie Andrews, she of Mary Poppins fame, does flash her headlights. This is the kind of movie that shows you what a cast filled with old pros can do. They don't make 'em like this anymore. It's a quick-witted calvalcade of wonderful performances that keeps you laughing to the end. If you liked Victor-Victoria, you'll love S.O.B.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our November, 2008 issue.

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