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The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle

Universal Studios
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This new episode in the classic tale of Rocky and Bullwinkle is a combination of live action and computer animation that brings the denizens of Frostbite Falls into the 21st Century. The story begins with our heroes deciding to go to Washington DC to ask the President to save the trees in Frostbite Falls. Meanwhile, through a quirk of technology, baddies Boris Badenov (Jason Alexander), Natasha Fatale (Rene Russo), and Fearless Leader (Robert DeNiro) have been teleported from the cartoon world into the real world. Fearless Leader has devised a fiendish plan to take over America by hypnotizing the entire population by broadcasting incredibly boring shows. Fortunately, an alert FBI supervisor named Cappy von Trapment (Randy Quaid) has deduced this dastardly plot and has summoned agent Karen Sympathy (Piper Perabo). Selected for her past ineptitude, Agent Sympathy sets out to find the only two persons who could stop Boris, Natasha, et al. - Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Adult fans of Rocky and Bullwinkle will surely be a bit disappointed here. The gags are not very sharp and lack any of the topical bite of the original stories penned by the mighty Jay Ward. But, on the whole, it's an entertaining romp through the crazy world of these two characters. Armed with plenty of star power, and gifted by the fact that June Foray is still with us to provide the voice of Rocky, there are some decent laughs for the kids and even a chuckle or two for the grown-ups.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our November, 2008 issue.

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